• After a bad experience with previous lawyer I hired Marco Pignone , I explained to him my husband's case witch wasn't very common but he was Honest to us he told me it wasn't easy but that he would take the challenge after our consultation I felt so comfortable and we decided to hire him . Marco is a very professional lawyer, He made us feel confident and always gave us hope even though our case wasn't easy at all , He would always anwser my phone calls and his staff is just wonderful I would recommend Marco 100% because his has done an excellent job my husband 601 and his I485 was approved and so happy for making the right choice of hiring him. Thank You Marco .

    Jessica Ferre

  • Unfortunately we have had very bad experiences in the past with attorneys but not this time!! This law office and team was amazing! We hired them and we got excellent services from them. Marco was straight to the point , honest and very knowledgeable about immigration laws and he helped us immediately . he took care of everything in our case. He always returned phone calls and kept us updated! He let us know when he was going out of town and that another attorney would be in the office if we had any questions, which was Josh Rolf, another great help. We definitely recommend Marco Pignone for any type of immigration problem!!! Marco has high ethical standards and is a well respected lawyer. If you want someone reliable and get the job done excellent call Marco! He took care of us in 3 months

    SanSash Verma

  • In working with Getson &Schatz for my USCIS, they have demonstrated an amazing high level of professionalism! Their work is always prompt and thorough. I have worked with many many people throughout my career and my life, but none of them were close to your level.If you are searching for a good law firm to do immigration etc, go there and you will never regret!

    How Areyou

  • Getson & Schatz PC is truly an excellent law firm i would personally recommend Brian Getson to anyone with immigration problem he's a superb lawyer . when ever i had any question or concern about my case or family member he was always there promptly with response and answer, in a extremely punctual time manner that I'm very grateful of. I wish i would have found him much more sooner i would have been spared so many headache. Other lawyers weren't able to give me what Mr Getson accomplished for me in less than two months, i received work authorization thanks to Mr Getson work and understanding of the US immigration system. He's up to date on every an anything related to immigration. I just wanted to thank him for everything he have done to help me i can finally breathe with a sign of relief.

    Nat S

  • Mr. Getson: My husband and I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your organized and very prompt emails and guidance with our uscis case. The thoroughness and preparation of your attorney Josh Rolf was a calming influence for my husband and I. After a very personal and grueling separation in the interview our case was approved. Again thanks to you and Joshua for your assistance.

    Tanya Jackson

  • Getson & Schatz law firm is a very friendly immigration law firm to work with. very reasonable price with a lots of patient come to explaining the case with client. thank you for your hard work to approve my husband's waiver case.

    Hong You

  • The law office of Getson & Schatz are very professional.The receptionist was polite and respectful. My wife and I have Chelsea D. Germak as our Attorney and she is dedicated to her clients. I received a detailed Email from her just one day after I retained the Law office, advising me what to do. I will follow up with a second review once the case is finished, I hope all goes well.


  • I worked with Getson & Schatz (Brian Getson to be specific) for my H1B application as well as my NIW (EB2) permanent residency case. From day one, Brian was very professional, not pushy, honest and reasonable. In contrast to some other firms who try to be pushy and say how awesome they are (just to get your business regardless of realities), Brian was realistic about my case instead . I ended up working with him on H1B and NIW and both were successfully approved. Their rates are very reasonable and overall it was a great experience working with him. Now he is the go to person for all immigration matters for me, my family and friends.

    Matt Sarmio

  • The law firm of Getson & Schatz is incomparable among its peers! and the legal team! The legal team that Brian Getson, Esquire, assembled to handle my case is awesome. I got an excellent service. Marco Pignone III, Esquire, is honest, transparent and very knowledgeable about immigration laws. He shoots straight from the hip and to the point. He is always on task, very ethical and took care of every detail in my defense. He always returned my phone calls and responded to my emails promptly to keep me informed. I highly recommend Marco, and the law firm of Getson and Schatz for any type of immigration problem. If you need an excellent legal service and no bull call on Getson & Schatz!

    John Coleman

  • Mr Getson is a great attorney! His professionalism and high efficient team make my H1b and green card application went smoothly. He was very responsive to questions and very thoughtful of providing constructive suggestions in every step of my application. I highly recommend his firm to those who need help in immigration matters.

    L Song

  • A colleague referred Mr. Getson as my attorney to apply the green card when my H1B VISA had one year left. At the beginning, I have no any idea about how to apply a green card. We talked about 20 minutes and he explained what I need do to obtain the GC clearly, so I have a clear idea what I should prepare next. He was highly efficient to provide help with the revision of reference letters. What I greatly impressed was that he expanded my professional words/sentences with plaint and accurate words that every layman can understand. I don't think he has a background of my field, the only explanation is that he really searched and gathered related references to absorb and rewrite it. He always answered my questions quickly and clearly. I finally got my Eb1a based GC and would like to recommend him to all my friends!

    Dongmin Yang

  • Just let you know that both me and my wife received the green cards yesterday!! I want to thank you very much for your excellent work and great help with our green cards application! I wish you all the best!

    Endless Snow

  • Getson & Schatz PC is the best law firm in Philadelphia according to my experience with them. I have spoken to a bunch of immigration lawyers before I decided to hire this law firm to handle my asylum case at Philadelphia Immigration Court. The most experienced immigration attorney Marco honestly evaluated my case and gave me his honest opinion. Chelsea and Marco have done a very carefully crafted research over my case and submitted it to the court along with supporting documents. The legal team knows and loves what they are doing and they are experts on U.S immigration law. Their effort was so huge to help me win my asylum in Philadelphia Immigration Court and I WON. I recommend Getson & Schatz law firm to anybody who need help about the very complicated U.S immigration law.

    ilalo Siraj Sherif