Visa Applicant’s Case Re-opened By NVC After 1 Year Submission Deadline Had Passed

Getson and Schatz, P.C. represented a petitioner who came to us after the petitions for immigrant visas he had filed on behalf of his wife and children living overseas were terminated by the National Visa Center (NVC) because the petitions were not pursued in the required time period. Under current immigration laws, petitions for immigrant visas must be pursued within one year of notification from the NVC or they will be terminated. Our client missed this deadline. Our client was unable to pursue the immigrant visas due to a family emergency that caused significant emotional and other distress. We requested that the petitions be re-opened and provided evidence in the form of Affidavits and other documentation that the failure to pursue the immigrant visas within the required time period was due to circumstances beyond the control of the petitioner and beneficiaries. Following our request the NVC re-opened the petitions and the immigrant visa processing continued.

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