USCIS Approves Green Card for Parent of US Citizen

Our firm represented a US Citizen client in the process of sponsoring her mother for a green card. Our client had previously applied for a green card through marriage but her prior green card application had been denied due to abandonment as her marriage was bona fide but she had separated from her husband prior to the USCIS interview and did not attend. Our client’s mother had initially entered the US as a B-2 visitor and overstayed. Although our client’s mother was out-of-status, she was eligible to apply for a green card through adjustment of status as she had entered the US lawfully and had never left the US following her initial B-2 entry. We obtained a copy of our client’s mother’s immigration file through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and when we saw that the prior green card application had been denied through abandonment we proceeded to file a new green card application on behalf of the mother with the daughter as the petitioner. USCIS approved the relative petition and our client’s mother adjusted to a permanent resident.

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