USCIS Approval of L-1A Petition for Executive Position of Business Development Director

Getson & Schatz P.C. successfully represented a multi-national transportation company in petitioning an executive for an L-1A Intracompany Transferee Visa for employment in the United States in the position of Business Development Director.

L visas, or Intracompany transferee visas, are available to companies who wish to transfer a foreign worker in an Executive (L-1A), Managerial (L-1A), or Specialized Knowledge (L-1B) Capacity to their U.S. parent, branch, affiliate or subsidiary company.  The employee must have been employed with the qualifying foreign organization in an appropriate capacity for at least one continuous year in the three years immediately preceding his or her application for admission to the U.S.

The employee of our client had worked for the foreign affiliate in an executive capacity directing a major component of the business, namely its sales, marketing, and business development activities related to international products and services.  The employee had established the goals and policies of the sales, marketing, and business development activities with particular emphasis on developing the e-commerce sector of the business.  A transfer was needed to the United States so that the executive could establish the goals and policies of the e-commerce component of the United States Company and be solely responsible for setting the goals, direction, and strategy for the e-commerce solutions of the United States Company for other employees of the Company to execute.  The Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Customer Service teams of the Company were to implement the goals and policies set by the executive.

In support of the Petition we submitted evidence of the U.S. Company’s job offer for the executive position of Business Development Director, documentation about the business of the U.S. and Foreign Affiliates, documentation about the qualifying relationship between the U.S. and Foreign Affiliates, evidence of the employee’s continuous full-time executive employment with the foreign affiliate for at least one year within the past three, and evidence about the employee’s educational background.

The petition was approved by USCIS for an initial 3 year period.

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