PERM Labor Certification Application Certified Without Audit

A PERM Labor Certification Application filed for the position of Clinical Neurophysiologist by an employer in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Statistical Area was certified by the United States Department of Labor without an audit. The Application was filed in March 2009 indicating a processing time of 10 months. The pre-filing recruitment efforts consisted of 2 Sunday newspaper advertisements in the Philadelphia Inquirer, a 30 day job order with Pennsylvania Careerlink, and advertisements on, with a professional journal, and on the career section of the employer’s website. The recruitment efforts did not yield any ready, willing, qualified and available U.S. workers for the position. The employer may now file an I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services on behalf of the foreign national employee. The PERM Labor Certification Application was for an EB-2 position and the priority date is current meaning the foreign national is eligible to simultaneously file an I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status with the I-140 Petition.

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