Marriage Based Green Card Application Approved when Husband and Wife lived in Different Cities as a Result of Work Requirements

Our immigration lawyers had assisted a foreign national to obtain H-1B status as a medical resident working in Pennsylvania.  During her H-1B employment, she met and married her U.S. Citizen husband who was also a medical resident but was working in New York.  The husband and wife had a bona fide marital relationship but as a result of their work requirements were not living together.  We prepared and filed a marriage-based green card application, indicating on the forms that the husband and wife did not live together.  We attended the interview with our clients who fully disclosed that they were not living together because of their work requirements and explained the nature of their relationship including how often they communicated and saw each other, and when they would eventually live together.  At the interview we provided substantial documentation regarding the bona fide marital relationship and their communication with one another.  USCIS approved the I-130 relative petition and issued the foreign national a green card.

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