I-601 Extreme Hardship Waiver Granted

Our client filed for adjustment of status on the basis of a bona fide marriage to a United States Citizen. Our client had entered the United States in F-1 student status to attend school but never attended the school designated during the visa interview, instead transferring to a different school. The USCIS Philadelphia Immigration Office found our client inadmissible to the United States on the basis of fraud/ misrepresentation in procuring the student visa and required the filing of an I-601 Application to waive the fraud/misrepresentation ground of inadmissibility. Our immigration lawyers prepared the I-601 Application with supporting documentation to demonstrate that the United States Citizenship spouse would suffer extreme hardship on the basis of a medical condition if our client was deported from the United States. The supporting evidence included Affidavits, financial records, medical records, medical reports and a psychological report. The I-601 Application was approved and our client was granted permanent resident status.

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