H-1B Change of Employer Petition Approved for Physical Therapist using Premium Processing

Our law firm was contacted by a Company that provides physical therapy services in the State of Washington that found us on the Internet. The Company is a rapidly growing start-up Company located in an assisted living facility. The Company wished to hire a physical therapist who was already in the United States in H-1B status working for another employer. We filed an H-1B change of employer petition with the Immigration Service. In support of the H-1B petition we included extensive documentation of the viability of the employer’s business and the bona fide nature of the job offer. Additionally, the physical therapist’s visa screen certificate had expired but a physical therapist may change H-1B employers even with an expired visa screen certificate as a change of employer is not considered an “admission” which would require a valid visa screen certificate. We cited the appropriate regulations to the Immigration Service regarding the expired visa screen certificate issue. The H-1B Petition was filed via premium processing and was approved.

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