H-1B Cap Petition Approved for Transportation Engineer

Our Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers received an approval for an H-1B cap-subject petition for the position of Transportation Engineer that was filed via premium processing.  The H-1B Petition was filed by a nationwide Engineering Firm with a distinguished reputation.  One aspect of the transportation division of the Engineering Firm involves building roads that must be engineered in such a way to ensure that water properly drains from the roads and to minimize the impact of water drainage on the environment.  Hydraulic considerations must be taken into account in the design of roads, bridges and culverts.  Transportation engineering must provide for the removal of surface water (rain) from the roadway, the removal of capillary water held in the pavement by surface tension that is not subject to drainage, soil erosion, and an increase in the sediment load in runoff which can adversely affect the environment.  The transportation division of the Engineering Firm employs engineers to analyze and provide engineering solutions to the water considerations associated with road construction projects and wanted to hire the foreign national as part of this team.  The H-1B position involved performing job duties in furtherance of the water resource design needs of the Engineering Firm’s road construction projects.  The H-1B position required theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge and attainment of a United States Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in Civil Engineering with a concentration in transportation.  The employee met the required degree requirement and the H-1B petition was approved.


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