H-1B Cap Case Approved for Robotics Engineer

Our law firm represented a robotics research and development corporation in the process of sponsoring a Robotics Engineer for H-1B status.  The petition was for an expert in Robotics Engineering from India who was residing in India.   The nature of the position involved the design and development of robotic products.  The job duties consisted of Design and Development of Electronic Circuits,  Circuit Board Design and Fabrication, Embedded Systems Programming, Computer Application Development, Maintain source code repository, Create mechanical designs, Create Product Documentation, Coordinate with contract manufacturers, and Maintain product inventory.  The Robotics Engineer position required theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge and attainment of a United States Master of Science Degree or its equivalent in Robotics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science or a related field.  USCIS approved the petition with an October 1st start date enabling the Indian national to apply for an H-1B visa at the US Embassy in Mumbai (Bombay), India.

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