Green Cards Granted to the Spouse and Step-Child of US Citizen

Our client was issued a B-2 Visa in 2004 to legally come to the United States as a visitor from his home country of Burkina Faso.  A B-2 Visa typically is valid for a six month stay in the U.S. and is subject to an extension of stay if the immigrant submits an I-539 Application to USCIS.  Our client overstayed his Visa and eventually married his U.S. citizen wife, who had immigrated to the United States herself from Tanzania.  After filing the appropriate forms and I-485 Application for Permanent Residency with the Immigration Service, our client was granted his green card three months later following an interview at the Philadelphia Immigration Office which we attended with our client.  Under the immigration law, our client’s U.S. Citizen wife was also able to file an I-130 Immigrant Petition for Alien Relative for his 9 year old son in Burkina Faso.  After the approval of the I-130 Petition, we filed form DS-230 Application for Immigration Visa and the necessary supporting documents with the National Visa Center.  Upon approval of these forms, our client’s son was issued a U.S. Visa and is now living in the United States with his father and step-mother.

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