Green Card Application Approved with AC-21 Portability

Our Philadelphia Immigration Attorneys represented an Indian Foreign National in the EB-3 category by assisting with the notification to USCIS of a change of employer to a same or similar position as the position for which the original Labor Certification Application had been certified on his behalf.  Our client initially had an EB-3 PERM application filed for him in 2003.  When the EB-3 priority dates became current for Indian Foreign Nationals in 2007 he filed his I-485 green card application.  He subsequently changed employers two different times to a same or similar position as the original Labor Certification Application after his I-485 application had been pending for more than 180 days, notifying USCIS each time of his new employment.  His priority date recently became current and prior to the priority date becoming current USCIS issued a Request for Evidence requesting an updated medical exam, proof that he had continuously maintained lawful employment authorization which was the case as he had always timely renewed his Employment Authorization Document, and a letter from his current employer outlining his dates of employment, job duties and salary.  When his priority date became current his green card application was approved.

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