Getson & Schatz Wins Case in Front of Immigration Judge for Previously Denied I-751

Getson & Schatz, P.C. provided immigration representation to a client whose spouse petitioned for her to obtain a green-card through their marriage. The couple married in 2005. The spouse received conditional residency status for 2 years. Although their marriage was entered in good faith, the marriage ended in divorce in 2007. Our client had previously filed Form I-751 seeking a waiver of the joint filing requirement without the assistance of an attorney but it was denied. Our client was placed into removal proceedings and she retained our services. We prepared and filed a new Form I-751 Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence, along with an extensive evidence package that demonstrated that the marriage had been entered into in good faith. The evidence package included affidavits from the client as well as the client’s ex-husband’s family members and friends attesting to the bona fides of the marriage. We convinced family members of the client’s ex-husband to attend the proceedings. The Immigration Judge approved the renewal of our client’s I-751 waiver petition. With our help, our client obtained permanent resident status.

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