Form N-648 Naturalization Disability Waiver Approved

We represented a Naturalization Applicant who was able to speak English but could not read or write and could not learn US History and Government because of a disability.  The applicant suffered from delirium caused by the combination of cerebral atherosclerosis and old age.  As a result of his medical condition he cannot understand instruction or follow direction and does not have the cognitive skills to read and comprehend information.  Applicant’s medical disability of cerebral atherosclerosis combined with old age was the causal factor of his inability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of English (reading and writing) and civics.  Pursuant to our legal advice and guidance, Applicant obtained a detailed Form N-648 Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions with supporting medical documentation and applied for Naturalization seeking a waiver of the English Reading and Writing and US History and Government requirements as a result of his disability.  USCIS approved the N-648 Application and our client became a US Citizen.

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