How to Obtain Evidence of Lawful Admission with CBP Automation of I-94 Card

How to Obtain Evidence of Lawful Admission with CBP Automation of I-94 Card

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has started implementing the automated version of Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, at air and sea ports of entry and will by week’s end include Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, Orlando International Airport in Florida, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Miami International Airport and George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Implementation will continue across the nation through May 21, to include air and sea ports of entry that support international arrivals. For more information on the implementation schedule, please see CBP’s Travel Advisory.
Foreign travelers entering the United States at air or sea ports of entry will be able to access their electronic Form I-94 by visiting Upon inspection at the point of entry, CBP will give foreign travelers a tear sheet with instructions on how to look up their electronic Form I-94 on CBP’s website. From this website, they can print out their Form I-94 in paper format. Foreign travelers may need their Form I-94 when requesting certain USCIS benefits, or when applying for public benefits from other government agencies.

To ensure that Form I-94 automation will not disrupt USCIS’s adjudication of benefit requests, USCIS has begun updating certain forms requesting applicants and petitioners to enter the admission number from their Form I-94 and/or their:

Passport information, including passport number, country of issuance and expiration date); and

Travel Document information, including Travel Document information, country of issuance and
expiration date.

As evidence of lawful admission submitted with a benefit request, USCIS will accept the electronic Form I-94 in paper format obtained from CBP’s website ( This document is the equivalent of the paper versions of Form I-94 issued by CBP and USCIS. In lieu of submitting the electronic Form I-94 in paper format, USCIS will also accept photocopies of the passport pages that contain the individual’s biographical information, visa and admission stamp. These alternatives will allow applicants and petitioners more ways to provide proof of lawful U.S. entry in order to establish eligibility for certain USCIS benefits. Visit our website for a full list of USCIS forms being revised to align with the Form I-94 automation.