B-2 Extension of Status Application Approved

Our law firm successfully filed an I-539 Application to Extend Nonimmigrant Status to extend an individual’s B-2 visitor status for an additional period of 6 months.  The individual was in the United States spending time with her US Citizen son and his wife and children.  She wanted to extend her status to be able to spend the summer with her son’s family.  With the I-539 Application we submitted an Affidavit from the individual setting forth the reason for the request to extend the stay, why the extended stay would be temporary, her arrangements to depart the US, that the extended stay would have no effect on her foreign residency, that she has no foreign employment, and how she would be supported during her extended stay.  We also provided a copy of a return plane ticket to her home country and proof of her foreign residence consisting of a property deed and a pension.  United States Citizenship and Immigration Services granted the requested 6 month extension of B-2 visitor status.

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