Relief from Removal Proceedings Granted by Immigration Judge Based Upon Renewed I-751 Petition

Our client had received a condition 2 year green card based upon his marriage to a United States Citizen. Our client had jointly filed an I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence with his spouse and an interview had been scheduled at a local USCIS office with regard to the I-751 Petition. Due to an address change our client and spouse had missed the I-751 interview, the I-751 Petition was denied, and our client was placed into removal proceedings. We requested relief from removal proceedings by renewing his I-751 Petition before the Immigration Judge. Our client’s marriage was bona fide and he was still residing with his spouse. We provided the Immigration Judge with extensive documentary evidence of the bona fide nature of the marital relationship including Affidavits from friends/family members and had those individuals who had written Affidavits attend court the day of the Individual Hearing. Following testimony the Immigration Judge granted our client relief from removal proceedings without objection from counsel for the Department of Homeland Security.

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