Marriage Based Adjustment of Status for L-1B Specialized Knowledge Worker

Our immigration lawyers represented a Company in the United States that is an affiliate of a Company in India in sponsoring an employee as a L-1B Specialized Knowledge Worker so that employee could work in the United States.  The United States Company imports cast iron public works castings from foundries in India and sells them to companies in the United States.  During his employment in India the employee acquired specialized knowledge of the requirements of each of the customers in the United States, the procedures for the foundries in India to develop these requirements into designs, patterns and quality systems, and how to ship the product from India to the United States.  The L-1B specialized knowledge worker petition was approved and while the employee was in the United States he met a United States Citizen and married her.  He thereafter applied for adjustment of status based upon his marriage and an interview was held at the USCIS district office in Philadelphia, PA.  While his adjustment of status application was pending he traveled outside the United States using his existing L-1B visa which is permissible.  The employee’s adjustment of status application was granted.

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