Marriage Based Adjustment of Status Application Approved Following Response to Notice of Intent to Deny

An important aspect of our legal representation of clients involves attending adjustment of status interviews in connection with an I-485 application filed simultaneously with a marriage based I-130 Petition. During a recent interview, the couple was separated, most likely due to a difference in age between the husband and wife and prior marital history. In response to the questions asked, the husband and wife had minor discrepancies in their testimony, the type of which would be expected of any married couple and which is often provided due to the nature of the questioning as opposed to the marriage not being bona fide. The lawyer from our firm who attended the interview took detailed notes of the testimony. USCIS issued a Notice of Intent to Deny the I-130 Petition citing discrepancies in the testimony between husband and wife. Our law firm responded to the Notice of Intent to Deny on behalf of the Petitioning Spouse, explaining the minor discrepancies in testimony and the reasons for such discrepancies. Following our response to the Notice of Intent to Deny USCIS approved both the I-130 Petition and I-485 green card application.

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