L-1A Status Approved and EB-1C Green Card Subsequently Approved

Our immigration law firm represents one of the largest manufacturers in the United States of measurement instruments in the field of chemistry.  The United States Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Foreign Company.  The Foreign Company had employed an individual for several years in the Executive Position of General Manager of European Operations where he directed the business activities of the Foreign Company related to its products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  He established the goals and policies of the Foreign Company’s business activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with regard to sales channels, business strategy, and identification of partnership or acquisition opportunities for its products.  Because of his knowledge of the United States Company’s products, it was desired that the individual transfer to the United States to work for the United States Company on a full-time basis in an executive capacity as Vice President, Global Sales, Service and Applications where the individual would expand upon his executive role in order to direct the sales, services and application support of the products of the United States Company on a global level.   Getson & Schatz, P.C. filed an L-1A Executive Petition with USCIS which was approved.  After the individual had worked in the United States for an extended period of time, the CEO of the United States Company decided to retire.  The individual who had been in L-1A status was chosen as the successor CEO.  An EB-1C I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker was filed on behalf of the individual for him to continue to serve in an executive capacity for the United States Company but as its CEO instead of its Vice President, Global Sales, Service and Applications.  As CEO the job duties involved directing all facets of the business of the United States Company as its highest-ranking executive.  As CEO, the individual would be solely responsible for setting the goals, direction and strategy for the corporate objectives and operations and oversee the Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Service, Engineering/Product Development, Manufacturing, and Operations departments in order to assure that company objectives are met.  The EB-1C Petition was approved and the individual and his derivative family members subsequently received green cards.  This type of scenario is exactly how the laws for L-1A and EB-1C are designed to help United States Companies remain competitive in the global marketplace.

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