I-751 Waiver Petition Approved for Terminated Marriage that was Entered into in Good Faith

Our immigration lawyers represented an individual who had received a 2 year conditional resident green card but had divorced her U.S. Citizen husband because his drinking problem had caused their marriage to become irretrievably broken. The two had attended marriage counseling sessions in an effort to save their marriage and we provided evidence of the marriage counseling along with other substantial evidence to show that the marriage was entered into in good faith such as jointly filed tax returns, bank statements, insurance, photographs, etc. As with every waiver case prepared by our law firm, we provided an Affidavit from the green card holder setting forth the nature of the relationship prior to the marriage, the nature of the relationship after the marriage, and the circumstances that led to the termination of the marriage. The I-751 Petition was approved by USCIS without an interview.

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