I-751 Waiver Petition Approved Following Divorce by Documenting that Marriage was Entered into in Good Faith

When an individual receives a green card through marriage and the marriage is less than 2 years old, the individual receives a green card valid for 2 years. Prior to the expiration date of the green card it is necessary to file an I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. There is a requirement that the Petition be filed jointly but the joint filing requirement can be waived in certain circumstances. The most common type of waiver of the joint filing requirement is for the green card holder to obtain a divorce either prior to filing the I-751 Petition or within 87 days of USCIS issuing a Request for Evidence for the Divorce Decree and to document that the marriage was entered into in good faith but has been terminated. We successfully represented an individual in the filing of an I-751 Good Faith Waiver Petition which was approved without an interview. We submitted extensive evidence of the bona fides of the marriage along with an Affidavit from both the green card holder and the US Citizen spouse explaining the nature of the relationship and marriage and that the marriage ended over infertility issues. Filed under: Marriage & Family Sponsored Green Card Applications

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