I-140 Petition Approved Following PERM Approval

Following the approval of a PERM Labor Certification Application it is necessary to file an I-140 Petition for Immigrant Worker with USCIS. With the filing of the I-140 Petition it is necessary 1) to provide documentation that the petitioning employer has the ability to pay the proffered wage from the date of filing of the PERM case and continuing to the present and 2) that the foreign national meets the minimum qualifications for the position as set forth in the ETA-9089 PERM Application. The I-140 Petition must be filed within 180 days of the PERM certification. Our firm received an approval for a PERM Labor Certification filed on behalf of one of the largest civil engineering firms in the United States. The company has more than 100 employees so we submitted a letter from the Chief Financial Officer indicating the Company has the ability to pay the proffered wage along with documentation that the foreign national met the minimum education and experience requirements for the position. The I-140 Petition was approved and the foreign national, who is an Indian Citizen, will apply for a green card as soon as his priority date becomes current in the visa bulletin.

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