H-1B Petition Approved for Financial Analyst

We represented a corporation in Florida dealing in the acquisition, management, and disposition of residential real estate properties in sponsoring an individual for an H-1B change of employer petition for part-time employment as a financial advisor.  The nature of the position was to advise the corporation with regard to all financial aspects of the purchase and sale of its real estate properties.  Since the corporation was a small business we provided extensive documentation to USCIS to demonstrate that the position offered was a bona fide non-speculative job offer.  We provided documentation regarding the nature our client’s business, the complexity of its financial matters, and documents illustrating the type of real estate transactions the employee would be analyzing as part of his job duties.  The employee was qualified for the position as he had a Master of Business Administration Degree with a double-major in Real Estate and Finance.  The H-1B petition was approved.

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