H-1B Petiition Approved for Secondary Market Coordinator

Our law firm has received another approval notice for an H-1B cap case that we filed on April 1, 2010 for a Secondary Market Coordinator, a position involving the analysis of mortgages, rates, and pricing for loans for the purpose of selling such mortgages into the “secondary market” to large financial institutions such as banks, pension funds, and other institutional investors. The petitioning company is based in Pennsylvania and is a nationally recognized company that has closed billions of dollars of loans over the last decade. The beneficiary employee of this H-1B petition will be permitted to continue working pursuant to an approved program of OPT (Optional Practical Training), based on her F-1 student status, until her status converts to H-1B status on October 1, 2010 and will be authorized to continue her employment through September 2013. Further, the petitioning employer will be permitted to extend her H-1B status for another 3 years through 2016, and then in one year increments if a PERM, or permanent labor certification case, is filed in a timely manner, more than one year prior to the expiration of the beneficiary’s H-1B status.

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