Getson & Schatz Successfully Petitions for H-1B Change of Employer

Our Philadelphia immigration lawyers successfully helped a large shipping and distribution company petition USCIS in order to employ an H-1B worker who wished to change employers.  A similar company had employed this worker, who possessed a Master of Science Degree in industrial engineering.  Our firm helped our client secure his employment in H-1B status for their shipping and distribution services by thoroughly explaining how his degree related to the performance of the job duties of the position.  Getson & Schatz conducted research on the worker’s job description, field of study, and particular coursework in order to evidence to USCIS that his Master of Science degree did, in fact, give the H-1B worker the theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge required for his position.  Due to H-1B visa portability rules for cap exempt change of employer petitions, our client began employing the H-1B worker immediately after filing its Form I-129 Petition and will continue to employ this highly skilled worker with a professional degree for the duration of his H-1B status now that the petition filed on his behalf has been approved.

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