Conditional Status Removed from Lawful Permanent Residence Following I-751 Interview

Green card holders who are married to their U.S. Citizen spouses for less than two years at the time they receive their green cards are required to submit a Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence within the 3 month period prior to the two year anniversary of receiving the green card. Our clients remained in a bona fide marriage and timely filed a joint I-751 Petition. A Form I-751 may be approved without an interview where adequate evidence of the relationship is submitted with the joint petition. However, a certain percentage of such cases are transferred to the local USCIS office for an interview. Due to credit problems and financial prudence, our clients had not combined their finances as the U.S. citizen spouse was receovering from a severe gambling addiction. Our clients’ joint petition was approved subsequent to a lengthy interview for which we had thoroughly prepared our clients at a prepration session in our office and accompanied them to the interview. Knowing that certain financial evidence would be unavailable, we made sure to supplement the case with additional evidence including multiple affidavits of our clients’ friends/family attesting to the validity of their relationship.

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