Cap-Exempt H-1B Extension Petition Approved for One of the Largest Hospitals in Pennsylvania

Getson & Schatz, P.C. provides immigration representation to one of the largest Hospitals in Pennsylvania. For many years the Hospital has been classified by USCIS as a “cap exempt” H-1B employer because documentation was provided by our firm to USCIS that it should be considered an Affiliate of a University and should also be considered a non-profit research facility. Based upon USCIS interim guidance that all H-1B employers who were found to be cap exempt after June 6, 2006 should continue to be cap-exempt, we filed an H-1B extension petition on behalf of one of the Hospital’s H-1B employees. Based upon our firm’s understanding of USCIS policy on H-1B cap exemptions, the H-1B extension petition was granted.

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