Cancellation of Removal Application Approved for Permanent Resident Detained in York County Prison

We successfully represented a client in removal proceedings at York County Prison as the Immigration Judge granted the Application for Cancellation of Removal that we had filed on his behalf. Our client , a Mexican National, had been a United States Permanent Resident for 15 years since the age of 13. He was the primary financial provider for his mother who was disabled and unable to work because of a back injury. He also had two United States Citizen Children to whom he provided financial support and who he had a close relationship with as he had partical physical custody of the children. Our client had problem with drugs and had two simple possession convictions along with a pending simple possession charge at the time he was detained by Immigration. Our client also had multiple traffic violations as he had to drive without a licnense in order to work to be able to support his family. While our client was in York Prison we worked to resolve his pending simple possession charge and prepared detailed evidence in support of his Application for Cancellation of Removal. We traveled to York Prison to prepare our client for his testimony at trial and attend the trial at York Prison. Our client testified to the Immigration Judge about his drug problem and what he had done to change his life so that he would not use drugs ever again. Our client also testified to the Immigration Judge about everything he did for his mother and children and the hardship they would suffer if he were deported to Mexico. Despite objections from the attorney for the Department of Homeland Security, the Immigration Judge granted our client’s Application for Cancellation of Removal and permitted him to remain in the United States as a Permanent Resident. The case was not appealed and our client was released from prison the day after the trial. The family and our client were so happy and grateful that he was able to remain in the United States.

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