Asylum Application Approved After Two DHS Appeals

Our client from Albania was originally granted asylum in 2001 based on his persecution due to his membership in Albania’s Democratic Party. Our client had suffered severe beatings and head trauma as evidenced by multiple large scars and indentations clearly visible . However, the Immigration Service appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals, arguing that our client was not a credible witness. The Board of Immigration Appeals remanded our client’s case to the Immigration Court and the Judge scheduled a new trial at which we presented multiple pieces of new evidence, including statements from high ranking officials in Albania’s Democratic Party. The Immigration Judge granted our client’s application for asylum a second time, and for a second time, the Government appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Eventually, the Government decided to withdraw its appeal, and the Board of Immigration Appeals recently remanded our client’s case to the Immigration Court for a final grant of asylum. He will receive his final grant of asylum in the Immigration Court at a hearing next week, and after more than a decade of fighting for his right to stay in the U.S., he is looking forward to applying for his green card, and eventually for U.S. citizenzhip.

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