USCIS Approves Extreme Hardship Waiver filed by Getson & Schatz, P.C.

Our immigration lawyers handled a matter involving the application of a Form I-601 waiver for our client, a Jamaican national who had married a U.S. Citizen, both of whom reside just outside of Philadelphia. This Form I-601 waiver was necessary because our client had committed a crime that rendered her inadmissible to the United States and therefore ineligible of adjusting her status to that of a Permanent Resident absent a showing that her husband would suffer extreme hardship if she were not granted Permanent Resident Status.  In preparing the extreme hardship waiver, our lawyers guided our client in preparing an abundance of documentary evidence to demonstrate the hardship her husband would suffer. Our client’s husband supplied a lengthy, heart-warming, and very personal affidavit chronicling his relationship with our client, with special emphasis on how her steadfast and accepting character helps him deal with his mother’s schizophrenia and his own diagnosed anxiety, and the medical symptons he would experience should she be forced to leave.  Numerous letters and records from both her mother-in-law and her husband’s medical providers detailing their respective schizophrenia and anxiety supplemented his claims of extreme hardship.  We also guided our client’s husband in obtaining an evaluation from a Clinical Psychologist.  U.S. CIS granted our client’s Form I-601 waiver due to the extreme hardship it would impose on her husband and issued her a green card.

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