President Obama Signs $600 Million Border Security Bill

President Barack Obama signed into law a $600 million bill that would increase security along the U.S.-Mexico border. The bill was passed by congress last week and sent to his desk in hopes of a signature. “I have made securing our Southwest Border a top priority since I came to office. That is why my administration has dedicated unprecedented resources and personnel to combating the transnational criminal organizations that traffic in drugs, weapons, and money, and smuggle people across the border with Mexico,” President Obama said. Along with the bill, the administration issued a list of accomplishments it has already attained regarding border security and immigration reform. The achievements include seizing more than $103 million in illegal currency, more than $1.7 million kilograms of drugs and various other illegal items. The bill would provide funding for roughly 1,500 new law enforcement agents, aerial vehicles, communications equipment and operating bases.

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