Green Card Approved Following Receipt of Pardon

A client sought legal advice from our attorneys after he had filed a green card application with another lawyer on the basis of his marriage to a Untied States Citizen that was denied because the client had a criminal conviction that rendered him inadmissible to the United States and a Form I-601 filed by the other lawyer was denied for failure to establish that his wife would suffer extreme hardship if he were deported from the United States. We advised our client to inquire whether or not he may be able to receive a pardon from the Governor of his State for the criminal conviction which would remove the criminal conviction ground of inadmissibility. Our client was granted a pardon and we re-filed his green card application based upon his bona fide marriage informing the Immigration Service that he had been granted a pardon. Since the pardon had eliminated all grounds for his inadmissibility to the United States his green card application was approved.

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